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Does anyone else have a part with DID?

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Does anyone else have a part with DID?

Postby Floralie » Thu Jan 03, 2019 4:05 pm

All parts of any system in a way do have DID, but I mean does any one of you have a part like I have Fourteen? He has his own DID, with several parts. Only one of them fronts usually, I mean one at the time, but it's like DID is, there is co-consciousness and co-fronting and information shared and information hided. Most parts of their system look the same, just with different ages, but there are also some who have their individual looks and I recognize them as parts of Fourteen's system just because I know him so well.

Because of DID he seems to be sometimes very easily triggered, sometimes not at all. His moods go up and down. He may be really sensitive sometimes and feels bad without any triggers as well. He has two hosts and a little who are most active of them, but behind them there are many trauma parts who rarely fully front, they change others' ways of thinking and influence passively.

I love him as he is, all of them, as a whole with all disturbed and weird and painful parts of their system, and I also know they need special support. I fear of lacking all skills they would need from their care taker. I'm not gonna give up, being in touch with their feelings makes it easier to me, I understand their reasons like no outsider can, and I can relate. But still..

.. it would be nice to know someone else who is a caretaker of a DID-teen in their own system, while having DID yourself too and "normal" parts as well.
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Re: Does anyone else have a part with DID?

Postby Muninn » Thu Jan 03, 2019 5:32 pm

That describes somehow something I discovered in the last few weeks of the last year. I thought for a while now that there is one quite hidden disturbed teenage part. I could feel them (them in sense of undefined gender not plural) and I found a lot of traces outside, which I assumed was from them.

I struggled to find a way of communication, and when I finally thought that I found something that worked, the part who answered said that she is some sort of protector/helper of a whole subsystem. According to her there is a baby, a child, a preteen, two teenagers and a young grown up (the helper herself). As far as I understand, they look similar but of different age and with not completely matching gender identities. Also all very different from the outside body.
They feel connected but still as separate identities with memories which are not shared across all of them. Some of them also seem to be able to be co-conscious, but the younger parts are quite disconnected and traumatized according to the helper and it is difficult to reach them even for her. But they also influence their moods.

I probably wouldn't have called it a part who has DID itself. But it kind of fits the description I guess. Especially because for me it is sometimes difficult to see who is now talking to me, because it is always like the same "interface", but with different parts behind it. That is quite different to the other parts in our system, which all are on it's own way different, but consistent in how they are.
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Re: Does anyone else have a part with DID?

Postby Sarandipity » Thu Jan 03, 2019 7:06 pm

No. I don't have that. It sounds difficult. It also sounds like a really good opportunity. The opportunity being that you can internally get to know someone with DID, how it works for him, work out how to help him. Once you've done that, which will be no mean feat, then you can use those tools to help yourself. If it were me if be working on the system inside the system before even attempting to deal with your system.
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Re: Does anyone else have a part with DID?

Postby CrimsonInTheDetails » Fri Jan 04, 2019 1:39 am

Sort of? Gauntlet comes to mind, we know that they are in touch with some pieces of childhood that don't really belong as a persona in and of themselves, and the age sliding makes it seem like sometimes there's just a grouping.

The other thing you reminded me is the way I associate with my Christianity...it doesn't really belong to any particular identity, but it's like...shading. Sometimes it's there and sometimes it isn't, and all the parts of myself respond to the world differently depending on that shading...so it's almost as if different parts have DID.
Diagnosis DID-sometimes do not identify as anyone at all
Bitterness- 31 yrs old
Red- 26 yrs old
Fourth-Born- 31 yr old host
Shamrocks-21 yr old female
Gauntlet-16 yrs old, age-slider, agender, and liason of childhood fragments
Whisper-female, ageless?
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Re: Does anyone else have a part with DID?

Postby Cristaline » Fri Jan 04, 2019 2:00 am

In our system, a lot of alters do that, we call it subsystems. I, am from the Elsa subsystem, which is one of the biggest.
We all come from Elsa, Elsa is the happy, ISH part, DarkElsa is sweet but disturbed, fearful and depressed, i am more short tempered, protector, ValElsa is sweet, little, innocent and polite, we’re all different just like everyone in the System, but we are physically lot alike.


Hi. My Name is Cassidie i am 8.
I have 2 alters
One is extremely disturbed and violent her name is Cassidy like me but with a Y she is older than me (15) and has dark red eyes
And i have Little cassidie which is smaller than me 5 and sweeter and more innocent and she has good momeries.. Cassidy seperated from me last summer because of yet another bad event that especially affected me

DID polyfragmented system. Host Melodie
Co hosts: Elsa, Shadow, Alena, Elsalena, Cassie and Cassidie
Mostly co-conscious now. We'll edit colors and post our system map as soon as we can.
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