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Frustrated with psychiatrist

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Frustrated with psychiatrist

Postby Catlovermn » Fri Sep 14, 2018 1:47 am

I have been seeing my psychiatrist for eight years. Today she told me that she hasn’t seen any signs of dissociation in me the whole time and has been thinking about it since my last appointment. Then she told me I don’t present anything like her other patients with DID so she doesn’t think I have it. After that she said that she’s not a trauma expert and to keep working with my trauma specialist. I am also wondering why she never suggested a trauma therapist until I brought it up, especially since she diagnosed me with both PTSD and BPD.

Fortunately for me, I have a case manager(social worker) and county crisis stabilization worker who were both somehow knowledgeable about my trauma history since neither of them received information about me and I never mentioned it to either of them. In July the stabilization worker told me I need a new therapist, one who is trauma informed and one specially trained to diagnose DID. This was a shock to me because I was used to people blaming things on me and accepting things as they happened, but I had no clue someone could tell I wasn’t always myself(even though I didn’t know who they were and am still not sure). Since then I have started seeing a therapist trained in dissociative disorders as well as personality disorders and she said I present like undiagnosed DID and incorrectly diagnosed DID. My case manager thinks DID is the problem as well. I think both have changed my diagnosis to DID at this point.

I’m just confused about my psychiatrist. How can she have no clue? Also, why would she look for reasons not to change my diagnosis to DID and try to keep it as BPD. I have tried treatments for BPD for 20 years with no help; isn’t it time to try something new.

I finally feel like someone gets me with the new therapist and feel like I can talk about what’s happening in my mind. I think I was afraid to tell the psychiatrist because I thought she would put me on mor meds than I’m already on. Then the last thing she said was to keep working with my trauma therapist to get the help I need, even though she doesn’t agree with the diagnosis. I’m confused.
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Re: Frustrated with psychiatrist

Postby TheGangsAllHere » Fri Sep 14, 2018 3:26 am

You can explain all this to your new therapist (or just show her this post) and ask her to contact your psychiatrist. The T can explain to the psychiatrist why she thinks you have DID, and get the psych to explain her point of view. For someone who doesn't know what non-"Sybil" DID looks like, PTSD + BPD is the closest approximation. The psych might actually finds that she agrees with the T and become willing to call it DID.

Also, you probably know that there aren't any medications to specifically treat DID, only meds to treat some of the depression, anxiety, insomnia, etc that accompany it. Someone who wants to increase your meds just for reporting dissociative symptoms really doesn't have a clue, and it's totally possible that she doesn't. She could be very knowledgeable in other areas, but clueless about dissociative disorders.
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Re: Frustrated with psychiatrist

Postby puppieskittens » Sun Sep 16, 2018 4:45 am

I have found it common for doctors to disagree with each other. Even when I have gone to get a second opinion on a medical issues, more times than not, the second doctor says something different than the first.
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Re: Frustrated with psychiatrist

Postby Johnny-Jack » Sun Sep 16, 2018 11:38 pm

When different caregivers offer different diagnoses, oten one of them is just wrong and their diagnosis invalid. Catlovermn, if you know that BPD is not correct for you, and that's been confirmed by two other professionals, this strongly suggests the psychiatrist is and has been treating you for the wrong condition. As you know this situation is sadly a common experience for many of us with DID.

[quote=Catlovermn"]I’m just confused about my psychiatrist. How can she have no clue? Also, why would she look for reasons not to change my diagnosis to DID and try to keep it as BPD. I have tried treatments for BPD for 20 years with no help; isn’t it time to try something new.[/quote]

She might have a bias about the validity of DID or a misconception about its prevalence in the population at large. Also your shrink may be reluctant to acknowledge to you -- and to herself -- that she's misdiagnosed you for so many years, that she made a critical mistake and she's been wrong. It's an understandable tendency but it can be really damaging in a caregiver.
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