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Only one part able to see another part?

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Only one part able to see another part?

Postby ItsJustUs » Thu Jul 12, 2018 4:49 pm

Ok, so, you know I mentioned that a new part has made her(it)self known.
she(it) has communicated with Lilly, our child part. Only Lilly can see this other part.
Is this normal?

Lilly tells us that she recognizes Val's voice, that she's heard it before.

She also tells us that Val does not identify as female or male, and doesn't really identify as human. Lilly describes Val as a smoky or foggy figure that moves and changes, sometimes a human-ish shape, sometimes not.

And earlier this morning, i was sitting at my desk at work, and then all of the sudden there was a poem on my computer screen, signed by Val. Given the nature of the poem, Val is a protective entity that operates through influence and suggestions.

Anyone else experience anything like this? Or have any advice, thoughts, or insight?

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Re: Only one part able to see another part?

Postby SOHank » Thu Jul 12, 2018 5:24 pm

Not unusual at all.

Talking as an outsider SO, the inner world can be weird and often defy logic. Two of my wife’s insiders recently figured out how to high 5 on the outside (looks a lot like clapping). :) Also the last couple nights one has been going to sleep at night with me since while she was out my wife fell asleep on the inside. (I also find the littles generally go to sleep earlier than my wife.) That’s interesting enough. But the real head scratching came when she mentioned she usually sleeps next to the little she protects and would it be okay if they were both out as she didn’t want to take up too much room…

We’ve found all sorts of times someone can be heard but not seen, seen but not heard.

With time and encouragement, they can become more visible and/or co-conscience with the others in time. You can send the invitation, but it is up to them to accept.
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Re: Only one part able to see another part?

Postby Sarandipity » Fri Jul 13, 2018 12:09 am


We don't have a smokey part or one that only communicates with one of us.

We do have what we call "the higher self" She encompasses us, she is all of us but greater than the sum of our parts. She wears white which is why what you have written reminded us of her.

We think she is generally in controll. If something comes up and we don't know about it or its a judgement call we call her. I can't think of what any of those things are specifically right now because I'm about to sleep. We contact the higher self. We see her glance over paperwork, shuffle it, she makes a decision which we don't necessarily know what the decision is, sometimes we do, and she hands the paperwork over to a person who files it. Then whatever is bothering us we just know is resolved and proceed in life without worry.

We've had contact with the higher self since an outside friend of ours was murdered. I don't know if this is relevant to you but we'll share it. We had a dream of saying good bye to the dead friend. She walked up some steps, we followed her even though we knew we were supposed to not go up the steps and through the door. As we went through the door we immediately woke up gasping for breath and with tears streaming down our face. We were crying in the dream saying good bye and actually in real life.

We went back to sleep and were in a white reception room. The higher self was waiting - she was me but not me, me but all in white and prettier I guess, more spiritual. She was irritated we walked through the door. She took us to the white reception desk where a print out was coming through of on an old printer - the kind with the strip of holes down the side of the paper. She snatched it as the reception woman was about to take it and said there's been a mistake. The reception woman was nosey and was looking at the paper. The higher self said to her, yes I know I was born with the 5 elements and gave her a look that said mind your own business. We were confused by all of it, it was very real feeling. We had to follow the higher self along the white corridors and out. She took us to her castle. There were alot of people at the gates and we went through them. She called her two footman and the cook / housekeeper. She said we had to be sent home. They were slightly frantic. She said we had to fly home on a broomstick. The cook replied but you can fly without a broom but the Higher self insisted on the broomstick. The footmen frantically ran around finding a broomstick and she sent us off on it from the castle wall and we woke up. They were very vivid dreams and we have kept in contact with her occasionally since.

I know it's not very much like what you're saying but what you wrote reminded us of the higher self. I have to say though I've always had vivid dreams and a big imagination so I don't know how relevant what I've said is. We stay grounded, see dreams as dreams - it's all internal world though - but we do contact her occasionally and she seems to have some kind of input. We don't bother her often though because she's very busy, we're not sure doing what though.
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