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New to forum - does anybody ever feel the same?

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Re: New to forum - does anybody ever feel the same?

Postby SamsLand » Fri Jan 26, 2018 4:05 pm

Una+ wrote:
Square84 wrote:I guess the observing self is the same as the host.

No, usually not.

The observing self is a state of mind in which you observe and do not judge. In a person with DID the observing self very often is not the host identity, and there may be no observing self at all. Sometimes there is an observing self and it is called the internal self helper. In most cases the observing self is found somewhere deep inside or created or developed during the course of psychotherapy or as part of a spiritual journey.

Anyway this is all very technical and what matters isn't the labels but the process of coming to terms with your condition and getting well. The way forward is through this hot mess.

I don't use the term ISH but I think the observing self can also be a higher self , or metaself - you could experience it as a knowing self. For us it is a self that sits above the body. I can't always access this self, particularly when I am in a low spot. I have even found parts taping over the symbolic representation of this self in my internal world. So I believe in conflict between parts and this self. My T reminded me to use this self to help let the light in, and to ask for help when I needed it. If you are aware of this self (Not all are) I would take her suggestions and try to engage with it, if you want to.
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not sure what the point was.
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