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Re: Roll Call

Postby spinningtops » Mon Jul 18, 2016 3:14 am

I haven't been able to get to know a lot of their names yet, it is too hard for me right now. But these are what I have observed, and there are a few from when i was a teen too.

Jack, A warm supportive male that teaches love of self and self acceptance other name Zeron that was active mainly when I was a teen when people on the outside didn't support like I had needed.
some child alters. One of which especially has a strong need of pets, and things to take care of and abhors all violence. which when it comes out, usually to protect something, my husband usually gets annoyed.
several, 'get through it' alters when people expect more then the normal me can handle.
a grungy alter, that can be motivated to self harm if not careful.
a robot, this one is a fairly close to main one.
Mr. Nobody. or Nowhere Man not sure what they do
I met two adult types a few weeks ago, that otherwise I have never been conscious of. And another adult, who in general see me as a child and take care of things.
the special romantic partner that symbolizes true love and fulfillment.
as a teen remember a doll personality, where I saw her with stiches for a mouth and over arms and legs, and who didn't have a will of her own.
There is someone there who can actually express her self good, and can tell my husband when I'm not happy. But too bad, she only comes out rarely.
Also someone that keeps track of lots of files. In a huge room of papers.
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Re: Roll Call

Postby deadlyikitten » Tue Dec 13, 2016 2:59 am

Our roll call will be pretty short but here goes...

Emily, 19, Host
Joelle, 6, Little
Kyle, 18, Anger
Joeseph, 16, Imagination/Pride(?)
Jonathan, 18, Logic/Reason/Some protection
Jasmine, 8, sociopath
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Re: Roll Call

Postby snailgirl » Wed Dec 14, 2016 9:34 pm

Sooo here's the current gang: (Wow I really need to update my signature)

​Miina, 7 years old, she is now growing and is going through elementary school happier than I ever was :D
Meri, 10, injured girl. Struggles to go around on crutches but that is better than not having legs at all. Is merging with her Thunder Cloud so her bad feelings aren't so separate from her anymore.
Sini is now also growing, she is 4 and talking a lot more than at first.
Iina, 10, a very very very serious and sad girl who is also very afraid.
Veli, Iina's brother, of unclear age
Eve, was a severely traumatized child alter (created when body was adult) but we made her into a baby who's never been hurt, as she had nothing but pain in her.
Vole, helper of children :)
Peppi, also known as Strong girl, another helper.
Cardboard Me, shows up when there's too much feelings, and flattens them away.
Cyan, 15, super empathetic and thoughtful girl, worries a lot, sees a lot of beauty.
Carmine, 15, only thinks of make-up and clothing.
George, old grumpy man, the angriest of all, curses like a sailor and likes very bad jokes, but also loves women tenderly (the reason we used to think we're bisexual).
Taika, a young helper, appeared to help Iina
Shoveling Mom, shovels snow all the time (I know who she is but so far no luck setting her free)
Angry Mom Voice sometimes echoes in the corners...
Yola, also known as Hate/Courage, fights against dangers
Minttu is now an ageless helper but she usually looks like a child, Elli melted into her in November.

Is that everyone? Hmmmm... I think so :|
Quite co-conscious DDNOS system. Body age 32
Starbaby 8mo, Eve, Sini, Tomato Girl 10, Iina 10, Peppi, the Happy Littles (several previously sad littles who got better and fused)
Nora 18, Cyan 15, K 16, Olivia, Teen Me
George (protector), Cardboard Cutout (emotionless helper)
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Re: Roll Call

Postby brockovich4321 » Thu Dec 15, 2016 9:33 pm

We like doing roll call.. It's like our way of making sure everyone is still here & taking a moment to check in with everyone (seeing their names makes us think of them & how they are doing today I guess)

System Manager. Matter of fact. Robotic. Other's say I am 30 but I do not have an age. I was created/discovered when the body was 30.

28. "Uber Mum" pretty much sums me up. Fairly sure I am the "main" host. Lately I've noticed some of us (like me) are named by the role we forfill.. Rather then an actual name. I think I'd like to be described by my name rather then my role.

24. Mumma Bear. I host often too but I'm more internal & private. People who know us well or have known us for a long time have met me.. I have anxiety & rage that comes "out of nowhere". Asile is often apologizing for my outbursts (thanks Asile xxx)

22. I'm a new age philosopher who has mastered unconditional love. I'm a vegetarian who loves yoga & surfing & meditating. Although I'm not the eldest in our system I am probably the most emotionally mature? I can calm & defuse crisis quickly.

I'm 16 but I tell everyone I'm 18 & I pass for 18 too.. I'm the partier, the mania, the crazy skinny dipping in the fountain on the main Street one.. True story.. I guess I'm an outlet??? We've never been arrested & I'm suprised were still alive so I guess I feel pretty invincible..

14. I have major depression but I'm a straight a student. I have anorexia & other eatting disorders. I'm a loner. I'm shy. I don't talk much. I'm suicidal.

I'm 8 but I pass as 16.. I'm the Socialite with tonnes of friends. I fit in pretty much everywhere with anyone. I'm American & my dad's rich.

I'm 8. I don't want to talk or do this today.. Neith does Chels, Beck's, Miche, Fae, TJ, Tots or Stace.. If you haven't already guessed, adults say I'm the protector & gate keeper. I take care of the littles like a big sis & decide who gets to do what & when.. It's for everyone's best interest.. The adults are sometimes scared of me.. I'm always on edge, always watching.. It's just to keep everyone safe.
30yo female, formal Dx DID, aka 'me'..
16 others
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Re: Roll Call

Postby EndangeredEagle » Fri Dec 16, 2016 2:28 am

Philip 20
Anne 23
John 28
Aubrey 19
Jack 17
Jeremiah 20
Ezekiel 16
Kai 15
Jace 12
Rachel 5
Georgina 6
Sara 8
Ruth 10
Luna- adult wolf
Ed 18
Nathan 24
Will 22
"There are no dangerous weapons; there are only dangerous men."
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Re: Roll Call

Postby kaiyorynne » Thu Dec 22, 2016 10:03 am

I thought our system was simple and then, we started listing names- some of our alters woke up after a long time because we called for names we remembered from somewhere but didn't recognize, and three of them were really there! Welcome everyone! :D
Some of the lovelies in our system use different names on the internet- mainly because I can't spell their names to save my life, but I'll hopefully get them to spell them for me.

Gumi (Psysis), 21y Female, Co-Host and the "Whisper". She was the first one of our current system to appear, and generally apathetic, although she can show and experience emotion. She usually guides alters that aren't needed to sleep, but doesn't take them too far, so they can come back if they want to.

(Iridian). Ageless Female, Host Assistant and Guardian. Older (but not oldest) member of our system that says she is a goddess sent to fulfill children's wishes. She's very nice and we've come to the conclusion that if she were a teacher, people would never pass her class because they'd fail to stay with her.

Kaiyo, 13y Agender, Co-Host and former little. Grew up in the years following the disappearance of our original (presumably into the inner world to rest, maybe guided there by Gumi) because she was scared and felt guilty. Her name used to be Lynn, but she asked her new internet friends to give her a name last January and it stuck.

Alex, 15(?)y Female, ???. We're not sure where darling Alex came from, as she's appeared within the last month and we're still trying to improve contact with her on the inside. In fact, we only noticed that she might be trying to contact us when every time Kaiyo (while fronting) would think of a name and it was ALWAYS, without fail, Alex. She seems empty and miserable, but we couldn't really tell why.

Next are the ones we may have accidentally woken up today- some new friends and some old.

Shuuya, 7y Male, Little! <3. Kaiyo was the one to find him and goodness is he absolutely precious! Unfortunately, he seems to hold a lot of pain, and when he fronted earlier today, it was absolute physical misery for all of us- we aren't sure why he holds this pain and we think he may have been someone's introject at some point before he fell asleep.

Sachiko, 15y Female, ???. Sachiko seems like she might have been part of Alex at one time- as she acts similarly to her. However, Sachiko has been more vocal and, whenever we asked her if she could try fronting, she responded with "No, the dark gods do not allow me, it is forbidden." so we're still kinda confused with that? Just a note from me, I believe that Sachiko and Alex are the fragments of our original, Brii, that "disappeared"-Gumi

Akiko, 5y Female, Another Little!. This one was just pure guesswork on my part today- I pulled out a massive story Kaiyo had been writing during school last year and asked if Akiko, the name used in the story for us, was around. Of course, this lovely little girl isn't likely to be the same one from Kaiyo's story, but it's also very sweet that we found her after so long.
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Re: Roll Call

Postby Johnny-Jack » Fri Dec 30, 2016 11:15 pm

Rather than posting my whole long system here, which is basically 54 short paragraphs, I created a blog entry entitled summary of who we are, so click on that if interested. We'll add comments if we discover additional alters.

I should issue a trigger warning that primarily what we know about some of us is what abuse we endured so abuse is mentioned.
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Re: Roll Call

Postby brockovich4321 » Sat Dec 31, 2016 1:54 am

Adding to the existing team, we have discovered;

Satya - Golden being/spark of universal knowledge, love & light

Brickwall - As described, a reinforced brick wall that extends to the furthest regions of the universe and shields the system from further programing

Kittens - A litter of approx. 11 kittens with specific beta programing

ONYI - Current abv. for "Others Not /et Identified
30yo female, formal Dx DID, aka 'me'..
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Re: Roll Call

Postby BeccaBee » Sat Dec 31, 2016 2:50 am

I am always a little hesitant about reading Johnny Jacks blog posts. because there is a 99% chance they make me go wobble-wonky.

but it is usually worth the wobbles for the insight I get. I understand the progression of my own formation so much better. the catalysts, the purpose, the growth, and how we have come to be who I am.

###$. what a ride.

also. I am pretty damn awesome. I always said it was a miracle that I didn't end up dead in a gutter. and now I realize that miracle was me. it was dissociation. fragmentation. it was ######6 SURVIVAL. and I did that $#%^. I survived. and here I am on the other side. a little wonky. scarred up and busted. but here.
Female, 39

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Re: Roll Call

Postby ColouredLeaves » Sat Dec 31, 2016 5:21 am

Wethought there were only three of us. Now we know there are two others who are not in communication.

The three:
Claire, host, young adult, f. She takes care of relationships and smooths the way. Is a peacekeeper, abhors anger and discord and a bit of a doormat. She does really well at work but sometimes I take over and become the boss no one likes.

Heather, adult, genderless. I am the keeper of anger but I'm trying to use that to make Claire more assertive and when she listens to me but does it in her own smooth way, we can be very effective and healthy. When I front on my own I am a b$&@!

Sarey, our little,f. Sarey has a lot of fun with crafts and art and our dog who she still insists on calling "New Dog" after having had her for a year. I guess this is to distinguish her from our past dogs who she can't accept are dead. She also is the keeper of fear and sadness.

The other two:
Terrin, teenager, f. She was host from 2000-2010 and landed us in the hospital quite regularly due to self injury. From what we know of her now, she misses the safe environment of the hospital and enjoys anything that reminds her of those days. We have been giving her "OT" time to try to make her happy in a safe way

Poncho, 20, f. She was host from 1992-1999. She was adventurous, social and spontaneous. She is still lost to us we just identified her recently, acknowledging that those years were more than a "phase" but another alter based on how drastically the personality changed for those years and how suddenly it changed again

C, 28, f
Heather, 44, gender neutral
Heather Black, 44, gender neutral
Sarey, 8, f
Blue Sarey, 4, f
Terrin, 26, f
Helen, f
Silence, 16, f
Victoria, f
Esau, 12, m
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