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Alters and Dissociative Fugue?

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Alters and Dissociative Fugue?

Postby KitMcDaydream » Sat Jul 27, 2019 1:33 pm

I have a question please? I'd posted it on the one already up about Dissociative Fugue but no-one seems to have seen it.

I have other alters... is it possible for only one alter to have a dissociative fugue?

eg if one alter was up front just going about daily life then something traumatic happened to them and when they woke up in hospital a new alter was up front with no knowledge that they were just an alter or part of a system?

What if they made a new life for themselves then years down the line something triggered the previous alter to come back? They 'wake up' in a different house unaware many years have passed since the day they disappeared? ..and everyone around them thinks of the body as a completely different personality to who they were.

At some point they remember enough to know they were in hospital and have no wish to go back in case they are kept in and it triggers another major switch, they now find they have dependants who need them so continue to live as the new person publicly until they can work out what's going on and who people believe they are.

would this be an example of dissociative fugue for someone who had multiple alters? Does anyone know if this is possible in theory?
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