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How can I rexperience the trauma?

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How can I rexperience the trauma?

Postby mp_96 » Mon Sep 19, 2016 7:43 am

Hello guys.I have been diagnosed by six specialists with (P)OCD,which seems it looses the grasp on me slowly...now that I dont feel so trapped in the ocd ''me'' and have some moments of clarity I started questioning some things.I have had a severe traumatic experience,and I do have partial memories(images from it),but the strange thing is the emotions are not there,and I amateurly believe that they are blocked....somewhere...They cant be diminished,they are ''written'' somewhere and I am trying to find where.I really really want to reexperience them,because it seems lots of distressful situations,phobias,obessions and compulsions,self esteem(low) derive from there.I was hospitalized from 1yo-4yo and had multiple surgeries away from my parents,an I remember images of it....but emotionally I feel numb...How could I ever try to spark it,so the process of re-appearing can begin.Want to add that since yesterday having an ocd attack,then calming down,the thoughts dissipated,but I felt a strange chill,and my forehad started to feel like someone is pinching me...
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Re: How can I rexperience the trauma?

Postby Ada » Wed Sep 21, 2016 12:38 pm

Are you seeing a therapist at the moment? Or do you have a support network in place? Just thinking that often. Those emotions are shut away for a good reason. It can be a safety / protective mechanism. I can understand the thoughts behind wanting to re experience. But am worried about re traumatising.
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Re: How can I rexperience the trauma?

Postby Andreas82 » Sat Sep 24, 2016 1:37 pm

Hello mp_96.
I'm not a professionist, but I'm in a similar situation. I have health anxiety and several past traumas from childhood and teenagehood. I can remember some of them, but there were no emotions at all in these memories. I agree with Ada about being a defensive mechanism.
I'm interested in further answers to your question. I can't really help you, I just found mindfulness (sometime focused on those memories) to be helpfull to reconnect to related emotions, now I can feel something. But I don't know if there is any other specific and faster therapy, to do this.
What I read is that for traumatic events, a bottom up approach is preferred (focused on body), since emotions and trauma are stored in body memories but I'm not sure if these approaches can also bring to surface repressed emotions.
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