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Incessant Need to Hit the Road * Possible Trigger*

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Incessant Need to Hit the Road * Possible Trigger*

Postby shivaatlantis » Sat Jan 24, 2015 10:22 am

Not sure if it is just winter snow making me feel the deeply persistent internal call to hit the open road again. Money is always an issue but that is a transitory monthly problem. I need a better c.d. player in order to blue tooth my cell tunes into. *very soon* Music+swisher cigars=my internal traveler side being happy. Working two jobs and college will start again but that is why they have online courses right. I don't know if anyone else has trouble remembering and forcing themselves to pay bills...so need auto bill pay. One less headache. People think they know me. They think I can connect for life. Sadly, that just isn't the real me. I knew getting off a med would make me feel better but not handle stress as well.
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Re: Incessant Need to Hit the Road * Possible Trigger*

Postby brockovich4321 » Sat Apr 23, 2016 11:01 pm

Hi Shivaatlantis,

When you say 'hit the road', are you wanting to wanting to 'run away' or 'seek solutions', or is it a concern that you're going to 'just keep walking' and 'never look back'?

I ask because I've experienced 2 episode's of DA where I have wandered far from home in a Disassociative state & have 'came into awareness' far from home, dressed inappropriately for the weather/with no wallet/ID or money to get transport home.

Both episode's only lasted a day but this is DA. Just trying to work out if you feel like a DA Episode is coming on, or if you have a travel bug or the desire to hide/seek through travel.

Yes I am absolutely hopeless at paying bills. I don't even realize I've been paid until days after the fact.

As soon as I realize there is money in my account, I transfer a set amount to each utility/rent/savings etc so that my bills are usually mostly paid in advance & I don't get nasty 'bill debit' surprises that leave my account at 0
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