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Possible OSDD. Advice welcome

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Possible OSDD. Advice welcome

Postby oceansaway26 » Tue Sep 06, 2022 5:48 pm

*possible trigger warning for brief mention of abuse*

Hi all. So I’ve been wondering since college (almost a decade ago) if I have a dissociative disorder. I know that I experienced emotional and physical child abuse until I was 17, when I was diagnosed with PTSD. Also diagnosed with ADHD (not sure if I really have that or if it was a misdiagnosis, depression (hospitalized freshman year of college) anxiety, self harm history. I have a significant history of identity disturbance as well which people around me hav interpreted as mood swings.

Recently I have been questioning if I was sexually abused. There is a memory from my childhood that suggests that. If not sexual abuse, it was a huge violation of privacy at the very least. There are also red flags in more than one adult family member.

Right now, I am concerned for my well-being as I am living on the property with a potential abuser. He has actually asked to come to my house and help me with something, and I will say it is a little unusual (not something that would need to be done right now.) This person makes strange suggestive comments towards me as well. This is difficult for me as this is a family member I thought of as a “good” family member and I was close with.

I am saving up money to change my living situation as soon as humanely possible. I also had a health crisis that affected my ability to do this. How do I best protect myself in this situation? Has anyone experienced something similar? How did you cope?
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Re: Possible OSDD. Advice welcome

Postby Rene43 » Mon Nov 07, 2022 1:13 pm

I am sorry for your situation. I feel bad that you have not gotten any replies. I wish I could help, as I imagine many others in this forum also wish, However I, and probably most others are also having problems dealing with similar questions.

I think you are on the right path, you have identified your problems and you are acting to protect yourself from any more similar problems.

Try to separate yourself from the individuals you cannot trust, and continue with your treatments. and God Bless You.
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