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What's a Partial Merger?

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What's a Partial Merger?

Postby Arik » Sun Sep 19, 2021 6:44 pm

When I was in the psychiatric hospital in 2005, I was diagnosed with Disassociative Identity Disorder. However, the doctors soon changed it to Disassociative Disorder NOS because of one difference. I remember everything.

The doctors said that they needed to merge the two personalities. Not knowing anything, I went along. I saw a psychologist for the next two years, and, as of 2009, I thought that my alternate personality Jeanette was gone. Either 2010 or 2011, I saw the same psychologist for a different reason though the two may be related. During this brief time, I asked the doctor if Jeanette and I had merged. He said I experienced a partial merger. I don't know what he meant by that nor how he came to that deduction, but I was there for a different reason and didn't spend time on disassociation.

To let you know, I'm the host, a fifty-two-year-old male. My alternate personality, Jeanette, is still active in three internet forums. Members of those forums know Jeanette as a thirty-five-year-old female.

If there's a partial merge, who is writing in those forums, the host or Jeanette?

I feel like there are conflicting realities because I have three sets of memories. Samantha is my other alternate personality. However, I know that one set of memories are of events that happened in the physical world, and I know which set that is.

As my hands type on the keyboard under Jeanette's screen name, whose message do the forum members read? The host or Jeanette's? After all, I experienced a partial merge, whatever that means.
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