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Could I deliberately switch dissociative "states"

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Could I deliberately switch dissociative "states"

Postby Seelia » Wed Jul 11, 2018 4:22 pm

By "states" I don't mean dissociative identities as I don't have DID/MPD. I mean different feelings/ behaviors in different companies and situations. Is there any way to deliberately and consciously switch it?

I have been diagnosed with PTSD and have recognised the changes that happen in me every time in certain situations/companies as a dissociative symptom.

For example every time in the presence of my certain relatives I become extremely tired, lethargic even, out of nowhere. The change can happen in seconds. First I'm feeling ok, and then someone says "Oh, by the way, the X's are coming over!" and immediately I get this overwhelming exhaustion that persists till the X's have left. Sometimes I even have to go and take a nap while they are staying.

It is very burdensome to me and I think it's a shame for others as well.

I read an article on dissociative disorders in general, and it said this can be a dissociative symptom. It can also be caused or made worse by social anxiety, but for a person with a diagnosed PTSD, like me, it's most likely dissociation, especially when it doesn't happen in every social situation, but only in certain companies.

How can I change it?
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Re: Could I deliberately switch dissociative "states"

Postby myce » Wed Jul 11, 2018 11:33 pm

This symptom is a big red flag that those people are not good for you and you should not be in their company if you can avoid them. It is better to listen to your inner states than comply with social expectations around toxic people. If you need to take nap to get away from them then that is what you need to do. This is for your own safety. With the diagnosis and symptoms you are experiencing, it could be that these people have contributed to your illness somehow. They may have abused you in the past and you don't remember, or they may have personality traits that are toxic and drain your energy.
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