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Introduce your OSDD System!

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Re: Introduce your OSDD System!

Postby Arik » Mon Sep 20, 2021 7:07 pm

I'm the host, a male born in 1969, and I've had two alters that I know of. Samantha, born in 1980, is my third sister who has long brown hair, brown eyes and wears glasses. She's a feminine girl who likes to dress up when seeing a play or musical. Some of my most cherished memories of her took place during the evening meals our family had together. She died at thirteen, though I don't know how she died or the exact date. However, clues point to October 30, 1993, as the day of her funeral. I don't know what role she played as an alternate personality.

I miss my sister and, around the anniversary of her death, I play "I Hear Leesha" by Michael W. Smith.


Jeanette, born in 1986, is the oldest of three girls in her family. She's a brunette with red highlights, has green eyes, and also wears glasses. Her dad died on May 16, 1992, in a general aviation crash. She and her sisters lived with their maternal grandmother for four years and an additional two years in foster care before their mom regained custody. Jeanette sees herself as a female geek, loves playing that role, and is active in two internet forums. I "met" her a month before her tenth birthday.

Jeanette's life parallels my life, and I was able to release my emotions through her safely.
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Re: Introduce your OSDD System!

Postby TheHiveMind » Thu May 25, 2023 6:49 pm

I was I the DID fourm a few years back but I think we are more OSDD because the others who I'm closets with are often merged with me, they don't front on their own I'm always there.

The ones I know about who are always there are 3 littles ranging from 7 to 6 months. There are 2 abusers who comes out when I'm not feeling very strong n do thing to me and the body. There are others but they don't speak to me anymore and possibly even more who I haven't been brave enough to talk to yet.
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