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Why can’t I remember my dad?

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Why can’t I remember my dad?

Postby Elian1 » Tue Sep 08, 2020 9:15 pm

I'm sorry if I am doing this wrong. I am new here.

I am 16, and my parents are divorced. I have a good relationship with both of them.

My mom and siblings say that my dad was very very abusive was I was young but I can't remember. I have lots of memories where he would beat us, but I can't see him in those memories. It is so freaky. It is like my dad isn't rendering in those memories, but everything else in them is still vivid; like he was invisible. I also was really trying to imagine my dad as super angry like he apparently was a lot, but I can't. I can't seem to see him as someone angry.

Currently my dad loves me and apologizes for what he did. He is very nice now and we hang out a lot. I never see him angry anymore and he is like an entirely different person.

I was wondering if this is Dissociative Amnesia. If so, how would this negatively impact me?
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Re: Why can’t I remember my dad?

Postby weepingwillow » Wed Sep 16, 2020 1:42 am

I get where u are coming from. My dad was also abusive but I don't really remember it as such. I think we try to block out the parts that are bad. We only want to see the good in people.

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