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Why do i have this, is it normal?

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Why do i have this, is it normal?

Postby TildaHeart » Fri May 19, 2017 3:28 pm

Get angry and afterwards all i rememberd was me being angry but i don´t remember what. I don´t remember the conversation. I don´t remember a thing i said or a thing the other person said.
Having an argument that lasts weeks, months. And realised a while back i have no memorie of it. I don´t remember what we where arguing about, like i really don´t no what we where fighting about and what i was angry about even if it was a serious and long fight.
Not being able to find something. Searching everywhere just to finally find it somewhere where it should have been easy to find it. Like right on my desk where i almost have nothing else.
Finding my thootbrush in my closet and no idea how that got there. Fidning strange things in my bed like paper, screws, plastic things, dirt etc.... and i have no idea how it got there.
Finding a paper with a text that i don´t remember writing. It could might as well been someone else who wrote it. But i know that it´s not cuz i found it in my notes on my phone and computure.
Finding a huge bruise on my arm and having no idea how i got it.
Finding things in my bag that i don´t know how it got there.
Really bad at remembering my childhood.
Having my mom texting me just a right before i quite school, texting me to make sure i have not forgot i have my song class after school today. Telling her that yes i remember. But somehow still just totaly forget it like that and just walk home, seeing the bus im suppose to take but no reaction to opps im suppose to get on that. No i just keep walking, i get home, my mom ask me what the im doing at home, you have choir.
Not having your mom being able to remind you witch ends in you sitting on a friday realising you had choir tuseday but you never went, or told the teacher you where sick and did not realise you missed it or even went to freaking choir, until friday.

Saying something and seconds later questioning if that really happend. Did i really say that? Was it me? Was it someone else. And same goes for when someone else speeks.
Having to check to clock millions of times cuz you think you are seeing wrong, it´s not real, im making it up.
Close memories feel far away. Far away memories feel close. Getting obsessed whit a part of your past, suddently being sad over something in your past that you where not sad about when it actually happend. And you have not thought about it in a really long time but suddently it makes you super sad and it´s all you can think about.
Feeling like you have no emotions. Like you have to think in just facts and experiences cuz you have no emotions so you can´t reflect on things that are happening, in an emotionly way. Feeling nothing, and you don´t care. Before sad music mad you so sad and happy music made you so happy but now music is just an annoying loud nosie that you don´t feel like listening to.
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