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I think or know that Ive had amnesia

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I think or know that Ive had amnesia

Postby dugly » Mon Apr 27, 2015 7:21 pm

Ok Heres my story.
Maybe someone could guide or advise me because I am actually scared for the first time in my life .
It started about 3 weeks ago when a girl from my youth found me on facebook. I sorta of remembered her but not really. We started talking and she kept asking if I remmebered when we did this or that and everytime she would start to tell me about a event that happened between us in the past. I would start remembering it myself. It was and is very scary to remember these things that seem so important to me. Memories that once I remember them I charish. Now I am starting to just remember things without her prompting me.Apparently it turns out that me and this girl were best friends but more sorta. Kinda of a love that we just never could get the timing right. Ive knd of told her about my just now remembering things.
I realy don't know what to do about my memory or if I should really do anything about it. I don't do doctors if I can help it. last time I was at one was probably 10 years ago.
I don't know.
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