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Who am I really?

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Who am I really?

Postby paulh99 » Tue Dec 16, 2014 11:31 pm

I've been dealing with dissociative amnesia and have mostly got over the traumatic feelings of my recalled memories. Some of the things I have been able to remember, since accidentally blowing myself up mentally, are things that other people turn out to have known about and have even tried to tell me have happened, even though I have refused to believe them and told them they are crazy. Sometimes the police have been involved, but I haven't known why they are questioning me or been able to account for my injuries.

The dissociation seems to be mostly due to traumatic or overwhelming events. However, I have also experienced unusual memory loss in other circumstances, where I haven't understood a sequence of events or strange conversations people have had with me until months after they have occurred. Sometimes this has been very frustrating for other people. My first experience of dissociative memory was a traumatic event when I was aged three where I very nearly died. I also misinterpreted the actions of medical staff as trying to kill me, so in my eyes had to fight for my life against them attacking me.

What I have a question about at the moment is who I am. The reality of my life turns out to be different from what I thought it was and I feel like I'm in different parts. Will this feeling of confusion go away? I keep wondering if I could have done something better about things that were going on if I didn't have the amnesia, but may be I'd have got myself into more trouble.

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Re: Who am I really?

Postby BobbyPaulson » Sat Sep 29, 2018 11:58 pm

alot of us victims blame ourselves it's not your fault.
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