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Dissociative Amnesia and ADHD *Trigger Warning*

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Dissociative Amnesia and ADHD *Trigger Warning*

Postby chelseaJane » Fri Oct 10, 2014 12:47 am

I was molested by my father as a child (I think multiple times) and don't remember it. I'm almost 23 years old and I still find myself "spacing out" for several minutes at a time with no recollection of what's going on around me regardless of how stimulating the environment is. This can be especially hard when I'm in intimate relationships with people but also frequently when I'm just hanging out in social settings. For example I might be playing a game, such as frisbee, with my friends and I will go into a strange trance for several minutes and when I snap back into alertness I will have no idea whats going on, what the score is, what my friends have been talking about, or even what I was doing/thinking about during that time. It's quite disturbing not only for me but I think it is for people that don't know me very well too.

I've also been diagnosed with ADHD inattentive type (I've heard it's genetic and both my mother and grandfather were affected by it as well) This can be very confusing for me because I don't know if these episodes are a manifestation of my disease or if it's related to the dissociation that I adapted as a result of the trauma I experienced as a child? Inattention is obviously a main side effect of ADHD but I feel like my symptoms are perpetuated far worse than the average ADHD sufferer. But perhaps it's all in my head.

What are your thoughts on this? Which aspect of my screwed up brain do you think this symptom belongs to? I really would like to know if it's something I can work on via neuroplasticity... like brain training.. if that really does work? I hate these episodes and I would like to make them stop or at least reduce them because I like being aware and completely involved in social interactions. It also has a huge impact on my academics. Even when I'm on my meds.

Thanks for reading!
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