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My problem(s)

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My problem(s)

Postby zanrcomedy » Sun Feb 10, 2013 9:22 pm

Hello. I dont know, who can I talk to. My topic is a little bit different. I am 18 years old. My puberty has started when I was 17. Before I looked like a 14 years old boy. I have had tourettes syndrome since I was 6 and it is only getting worse. My tics are various, vocaal and physical. I also suspect a little OCD showing up, and this too is getting worse. I dont take any medicine, becouse me myself have decided, that I do not wish to take any pills. I hate pills. I also have (though not proven by a doctor, becouse I do not wish to discuss the topic with some doctor, who doesnt even know me) the Traumatory masturbation syndrome. It might seem odd, but I did not have any traumatic experience, when I was younger. I had a happy childhood. Really. Should I go and see a psychiatrist? I kindoff wish I could, to trust him my problems, becouse they are driving me mad. But I dont know how to tell this to my parents, who I think wouldnt understand, that I cant tell them everything. And I cannot expect them to pay for an expensive doctor, if I wont tell them, why I need it. They would say that I can tell them everything, but I cant. They know about my tourette, becouse I went to see a doctor. But OCD and TMS havent been proven by anyone, but I can relate all of my simptoms to those illneses. Im sorry for this lkng post, but I really need help. Please. Can somebody help me? This is my last chance.
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