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FML (jealousy and self hatred)

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FML (jealousy and self hatred)

Postby blank187000 » Wed Jan 24, 2018 8:19 pm

I ######6 hate myself at the moment.Let's waste no more time and start with the actual story.So I have an account in a app called amino.Its basically a app that lets you join communities.So I go there a join one about my favourite show.So i write a lot about the characters of my shows.And what i mainly do is make funny things about the show or make memes about the shows which are pretty funny if you ask me.A lot of people says I'm funny,well sometimes.But there are some people who I like to call "social media thot"They just post selfies of themselves,sometime scantily clad.They just get a ###$ lotta compliment and likes because they're pretty.They sometimes post stories and $#%^ like that but that's "normal good" but they still get hundreds of likes,why? Cause they good looking.They're a great people who's talents are amazing but none of them gets compliments or likes.Oh.there another thing here called "smut role play"(search at your own risk) they also does that with everyone.And im not being a salty little bitch about this,cause i also saw a lot of people talking about this.End of the story I feel like $#%^ bout my writings and posts.Feel like I'm nobody,my writing sucks and $#%^ like those.I have low self esteem a lot in amount and a pretty big ego so it's kinda hurting me a ###$ lot.Yeah so any tips on not feeling liek $#%^?
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