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Suicidal and depressed over parents reactions

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Suicidal and depressed over parents reactions

Postby Shyfemale » Thu Jan 07, 2016 9:51 pm

My mother and stepdad are really stressed out people and I understand how difficult that is for them. My mother just gave birth to my sister a few months ago and I sometimes go for weeks at a time without seeing her because she lets my grandmother take care of her without telling my stepdad so things are pretty bad.
She sometimes approaches me and tells me that I'll never hold down a job or complains about me doing things that I don't think I'm actually doing. My father who lives in another city doesn't think I'm stressful to handle but my mother thinks I need help.
The most recent thing that I have been getting screamed at about is because I have asked my mother she rehome two birds she began caring for 5 years ago. Since growing up I have realised that they have not been looked after the way they should have and began caring for them myself, but I'm not even allowed to let them fly free. I have to do that when they're not home and in the bathroom where it's safer. I have really tried to get them a better home but my mother gets angry and says I'm "obsessive" about their wellbeing when I think I could be doing a lot more.
I can't deal with being in situations where I know I need to do the right thing but don't know where to turn to do it. I'm trying to look after these animals but I get shouted at for doing it because my parents could care less. I really want to just go away but I can't for my siblings sake. I'm also not allowed to move out.
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