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I just want to die

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Re: I just want to die

Postby Aleccoah » Fri Dec 21, 2018 1:28 am

How are you doing?
It been years till you post this post,. I’M wondering.
I also dont wanne life no more. Cant work because of medical things. Have no familly (my mother is in jail for serious crimes against me and my siblins) i’m living live as as a girl and i want to be a boy. I have so much traumas with men and because of that i dont want to be asociated with men. but at the same time i feel like a men. I have no familly or friends. Even have a son i cant stand because of my trauma with men. I’m poor and with my medical issus i can not work ever again. I never had a person there for me and becaus that my bounding with people will never get ok again my therapist sayed. Al of my siblings wanne kill themself,. Looking for people with seam expoering to help me to get trow this life cause i’m terefigt to do it over again,. How did you work out? Any tips?
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Re: I just want to die

Postby Windsoar » Mon Dec 24, 2018 9:29 pm

Given how I'm feeling today, can't believe I 'm saying this. Perhaps easier to address somebody else's problem. Just do something. Never know when you'll meet a person, find a core of a job you hate that leads in a different, happier direction, stumble on to a path you never thought of. See what the Universe provides. The perfect job, person, fit *never* happens.

Thanks for posting this. You helped me today.
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