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delayed anti-depressant prescription due to weed use?

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delayed anti-depressant prescription due to weed use?

Postby goofyahhhhhbozo69 » Sun Feb 12, 2023 1:43 pm

I remember that a couple years ago a psychiatrist told me they would prescribe anti-depressant once I had been abstaining from weed for 3 months, which is what ended up happening. Does this seem usual to you? I quit using weed a week ago. Now I want to try anti-depressants again and I don't really want to wait three months while severely depressed again. It sucked the first time, especially the disillusionment since the stupid ######6 pills ended up doing nothing, as usual. Thanks for reading.
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Re: delayed anti-depressant prescription due to weed use?

Postby Snaga » Sat Feb 18, 2023 5:27 am

I don't know how long THC remains in the system, but from what I see, mixing it definitely wouldn't be a good idea. So... either the doctor is thinking about half-life of the weed, or- and I'm leaning in this direction- three months without is something significant- proof that you are serious about not mixing. Or perhaps three months is needed to get over the cravings for the stuff. Won't hurt to ask him his reasoning, but from what I see, most doctors are going to be pretty firm on you staying weed-free, it seems to be fairly complicated and counterproductive to try to regulate via antidepressants while imbibing in marijuana. I am on Lexapro generic, and I used to be a moderate-slightly heavy drinker, and I got an earful about that, when I was placed on an SSRI. I took it to heart, and only drink lightly and on occasion. But it mustn't become a regular habit. From what I can see, weed would have a similar effect that alcohol does when it comes to antidepressants- both intensify side effects (drowsiness, decreased reaction, etc) while at the same time, in the larger picture, counteracting the therapeutic effects of the antidepressant. Like booze, it appears weed can be both a depressant, and a stimulant. I was read the riot act about drinking, I don't expect they'll be easy on you about weed.
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