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Lamotrigine Prescription/Psych Diagnosis

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Lamotrigine Prescription/Psych Diagnosis

Postby joehl1103 » Fri May 03, 2019 3:45 am

I'd like to run this situation by some people with experience.

I recently visited a psychiatrist. The visit was strange in a couple of ways. I waited for almost an hour and 15 mn and was the last patient of the day (new patients on Wednesdays only). I was given a series of questionnaires to fill out which were thorough and useful. I was also given a medical intake which was thorough and helpful. Then, though, when I finally got to see the psychiatrist it was very underwhelming. There were two other med students in the room. She asked me some very superficial questions, glanced at the questionnaires and basically asked me if I wanted medication almost right aways. I told her that I would rely on her professional advice if she thought it absolutely necessary. She proceeded to ask a few more questions about moods, but the questions seemed very superficial and as if she was not concerned about a thorough diagnosis. Then there was even some light talk about my work and where I came from, to kind of lighten the mood. She then prescribed Lamotrigine, 25mg. To be clear I knew before hand that I had anxiety and depression, both my previous psychologists and psychiatrist had determined that, as well as the MD that referred me to this psych, so there was context, but still, there was something superficial about the experience.

I am highly skeptical about whether this was a thorough psych evaluation and wonder whether I should get a second opinion before getting on what looks like a powerful med.

Any opinions would be helpful. Thank you,
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Re: Lamotrigine Prescription/Psych Diagnosis

Postby barnowl » Wed May 29, 2019 7:57 pm

that sounds awful!. I have bipolar disorder and am on lamotrigine as a mood stabiliser, but it shouldnt be used as a first line treatment in depression or anxiety! antidepressants should be used first and then if really bad and they dont work, possibly lithium
I work in psychiatry at the moment and you do questionnaires - one for depression and one for anxiety and they give you a 'diagnosis' or whether you have mild/mod/severe depression or anxiety.
guidelines here are that for mild-mod depression you try talking therapies first. severe you start antidepressants.
however they should also be doing a full assessment ie taking a full history, when your problems started, why, family background, other health probs, any suicidal thoughts, symptoms of mania, psychosis, etc.
and they shouldn't give you pills without saying what they think your diagnosis is. did they send you a letter?
did they ask if it was ok for the med students to be there?
it sounds rather inadequate to me, you could always ask for a second opinion from someone else, write a letter. seriously we get letters all the time saying people want to see someone else, or dont want to see this dr again,.
shouldn't take pills with side effects unless you have to (and know why!).
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Re: Lamotrigine Prescription/Psych Diagnosis

Postby Justddrown » Fri Jun 28, 2019 3:35 am

You may be going to a doctor that doesn't know how to practice medicine they can really screw a person up.
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