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New Job - Not Impressed!

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New Job - Not Impressed!

Postby thatright » Sun Jan 13, 2019 10:09 pm

I started a new job around ten days ago. My work experience and knowledge comes from mental health background. This new role includes outreach human trafficking. A subject I have zero experience and knowledge on.

I took on this new role as it offered better salary than my last job. No weekend working and proper office hours. So I felt it could offer a better stablity whilst I study outside of work preferrably in the evenings.

I was informed new staffs are joining due to the expansion of the service.

On my first day, I was so overwhelmed by the amount of information thrown at me. I ended up being sick during my lunch break.

The second day, I was asked to shadow someone. This role includes outreach in all parts of London. So it will include meeting with victims of human trafficking. You meet with them in local places. You give them money and support them whilst the home office makes a decision.

I was overwhelmed to learn that each worker gets given a payment card to withdrawel money and has to carry around a lot of money for the client's. It's quite a huge responsibility as when giving over payments to clients in public places. This can make you a target for someone to rob you when they know and watch you with money.

I have been shadowing different people. The worker's have a background in working with this client group in their previous roles. They have the experience and knowledge and do their work really well.

These client's - there are a lot of challenges that I feel so unqualified to deal with. Client's can't speak English. Client's don't have proper housing. Client's don't have GP surgery's.

All the worker's seem to have the knowledge and experience in supporting the clients. When they get given new client's, they know the right questions to ask.

On my third day into the new role. I was allocated a caseload of 15 clients. I began to feel incredibly overwhelmed and shocked to learn the fast pace with wanting to throw new staff into the deep end so quickly without having the revelant training.

15 client's I have been allocated - some can't speak English. Some are pregnant. All need money.

I feel incredibly out of my depth. I don't have the experience nor knowledge in supporting them. I feel so overwhelmed with just having 15 clients thrown at me at just my third day into the new job.

I have also learnt due to the paperwork overload. People are staying much later after they should be working. Staff whom are contracted to work from Monday to Friday are in fact coming into the office on their weekend off just to complete their paperwork. Management are aware of this but don't care. I feel so disgusted and not impressed as this can cause staff to burn out quickly.

Staff who are working over their hours are not getting paid for overtime. Instead they are just allowed one toil day off per month.

The client's I have taken on - I was shocked to observe their previous Support Worker has given them their personal number to keep in contact with them. The worker has done everything for one particular client to the point this client is phoning the worker up and becoming to clingy. I pointed out to the worker boundaries are needed. We are to empower the client's and not do everything for them. I have now being left to pick up the pieces of bad habits to the previous worker has done to the clients. That's pressure I don't need.

I spoke to my manager about how I am feeling. She was incredibly scared in case I resign. She informed me they have a high staff turnover.

One new staff started three weeks ago. By the third day into the new role, he resigned.

Every week there is an email that someone is leaving.

She has promised me she is there to support me. But I'm just not feeling I will remain long in this new job.

I'm highly tempted in resigning within the next day or so. I feel overwhelmed, stressed, cheated, under qualified and not impressed with what I have seen so far.

I don't have the knowledge, tools nor experience to support one client little than 15 clients.

I'm feeling extremely regrettful with leaving my last job. They are struggling at the moment as they have low staff. I'm tempted with asking HR for my old job back as I miss my old job and team so much. I wish I had stayed as I loved my old job so much.

Any advice?
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