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Am I emotionally blunted from depression or from Lexapro

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Am I emotionally blunted from depression or from Lexapro

Postby cato4797 » Mon Nov 05, 2018 2:07 am

Three weeks ago I doubled my lexapro to 20mg. Starting early last weekend i realized I was kind of blunted emotionally. A lot anxiety went away and my mood "sort of" stabilized but that was it. I just feel kind of meh now. I"m also very unmotivated. I spent all day on the internet/reddit rather than doing work that was due a week ago, a problem i've never had before this year (senior in college).

However, I'm trying to start a relationship with an FWB. We've confessed feelings for each other and gone on two dates now. However, in the past week, I feel like my feelings and the spark have gone, on top of just feeling meh a lot of the time (although sometimes i do feel kind of happy or "slightly better than satisfied"). There are signs that that's not true, but it's still bothering me. The whole thing between us though has been super stressful because of the situation and because of my anxiety about feelings and about dating. I'm not sure if I've lost my feelings for her completely or mostly, because while there have been times where I was just completely meh, there are also times when I just feel good about her and times when I feel anxious about. And there have been other times, once or twice today, where I felt kinda happy and not empty at all really.

Thoughts? I'm going to see my CBT therapist tomorrow and my psych tomorrow as well
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