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Dissociative feelings relapsing after lack of therapy

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Dissociative feelings relapsing after lack of therapy

Postby bellic007 » Sat Jan 02, 2021 2:13 pm

I am acting so frustrated towards the people around me .I dont even like looking at peoples because everything reminds me of my old breqkup.and this is qcting as a trigger to my dissociation.I kept all those hard feelings I got by that heart break in a part of my brain and it comes and goes taking large amount of time from my life.and giving me headache and all.
.I become so dissociative after that like blocking most of the things happening around me and becoming neurotic day by day.like I don't want to fill my consiousness with thoughts related to opposite gender.or anything related to relations.and I am so used to it.like I feel headache and a cloth spin inside my head feeling surin those time.I ruminate a lot and get detqched from surrounding getinto my thoughts and images.like a separate place in my head.Also feeling like I am living a movie not actually taking part in it because I know everything.like a meditated state
I HAVE A ALTERED SEnse of reality and I block a lot from entering my brain
My current therapist is not taking in consideration my dissociative experiences.I am confused how to express life.
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Re: Dissociative feelings relapsing after lack of therapy

Postby Johnny-Jack » Wed Jan 06, 2021 12:19 am

Do you know how well your current therapist understands what dissociation actually is, how dissociative conditions arise and manifest? I'm hoping that's not the problem you're facing, since you need someone with at least a baseline understanding of dissociation and dissociative disorders. Do you yourself label your experiences as dissociative to the therapist? You describe in this and other threads what sounds (to me at least) like derealization and probably depersonalization as well, both dissociative phenomena.
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