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Postby ganjakites » Wed Oct 14, 2020 5:52 pm

Can you tell the alter to get out this log jam this is terrible.

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Because I work with the baby alter and the straws are fine the eating is fine. Can your sexual alter who loves men don't mess this up for us. What could be happening. I'm tried of blaming my psychiatrist. What is going? It has to be no family selfishness...What is the protector thinking here. How can you get this far from them. I need to know we al l aren't sexual this wouldn't be an issue. HOw have you gotten those sexual on board this shouldn't be an issue. U can also cross over with a gender binary system but it you can't really which male lesbian alter. Please discuss this in great detail. Can swallow doesn't even wait a fad liquid diet. I had to beat my ear like a stupid abuser alter what wtf is the issue with this
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