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My Depersonalization story

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My Depersonalization story

Postby Alliana » Sat Jun 20, 2020 5:56 pm

Hi, I am Alliana and I suffer from Depersonalization disorder, especially when I am angry. When I am angry, I have a werewolf side that comes out (growling, locking of eyes) and it seems like my human side just fades into the background. Now I was thinking I might have clinical lycanthropy at first, but it's not something where I feel like I turn into an actual wolf or have the delusion of one. I was referred to this site by a member of another forum I go to. But anyways, one instance is when a boy called me the r-word and that's when my consciousness took a step back, my werewolf mindset came forward and he went: "She's possessed!". The boy wanted a fight but he apparently didn't conceive of the notion that I have a different side of me. No, I did not transform or anything, that is physically impossible but yeah, thankfully he backed down before a fight broke out.

Anyways, I hope my story didn't offend anyone and I censored myself the best I could. Let me know what you guys think.
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