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Postby Melissa03 » Fri Nov 15, 2019 4:43 pm

I've decided to sign up to this forum because I hope to finally get some support from people who have had similar experiences. I started having my symptoms when I was 12. I can vividly remember the day everything changed. I was in a pool doing a swimming competition for my school. I have always been a strong swimmer so I was rather confident. Anyways, I was swimming before I all of a sudden felt this overwhelming sensation that I just wasn't in my body. I felt extremely fuzzy, everything seemed muted, slow motion, like I was floating. When I got out of the pool I struggled to recognise my teacher and felt like I was a different person. At the time I had no idea how to describe this feeling so I told my teacher I just felt dizzy. She said it'd pass so I just sat down. Except it didn't pass. I'm still living with this now. Some days I can feel fine and forget about these symptoms but other days are a LOT worse. So after this experience when I was 12, I told my mum and we went to the doctors. They tested my blood pressure and initially pinned my symptoms to low blood pressure. At the time I believed this but wasn't quite satisfied with this. After more dreadful months of feeling like this, I went to the doctors again. It felt like a never-ending cycle of doctor's appointments. They did blood tests, nothing came up. ECG, nothing again. So they sent me to have an EEG which is a brain scan to check for epilepsy! I knew I wasn't having seizures but that's what the doctor suspected. I had 2 EEG's and nothing came up. After this, I had an MRI. As you can imagine this was scary for a 12/13 year old to go through. In total I had 2 MRI's and both showed nothing. I felt defeated. My head of year at school asked me to see the school counsellor as I missed a lot of lesson and started feeling hopeless and depressed. At one point I confessed I had thought about suicide. I admit that now I feel much better but still have times where I don't see the point in living but I stay hopeful. I am now in sixth form and I am 16. I think I've learnt to live with my symptoms as I've had to. I have researched depersonalization for about a year now and I'm almost 100% certain I have it. My teacher at school is the only person I have properly spoken to about this. I mentioned it to my mum a while ago but i haven't brought it up since. If anyone has advice on how to aid recovery from depersonalization that would be much appreciated!
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Postby Leon246 » Sun May 10, 2020 4:36 am

Hello. Im new to this forum. I’ve had dpdr for the past three years and I am recovering. I’ve struggled, been through really tough times as I’m sure you can relate, and I would like to share my story, thoughts, lessons, and advice.
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