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Too afraid for depersonalization diagnosis

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Too afraid for depersonalization diagnosis

Postby Rosie1993 » Thu Jul 26, 2018 2:18 pm

Hi I am new to this forum and am looking for some help and guidance so I apologise for the long post!
I am 25 years old and live in the U.K. and have suffered with depersonalization for roughly 6 years. I first experienced a sense of depersonalization on a family holiday at about age 12 which lasted the majority of the holiday, feeling in a dream state the whole time. At the time I was scared and confused about what was happening to me. It ended shortly after the holiday, but I believe it came back after 'getting high' one night, and the sense that I was feeling in the state of the high has never left. I have occurrences where 'normality' comes back and lasts for a few seconds, and other times I will have senses of 'where am I? what was I doing?' and anxiety hits due to the confusion. After suffering for many years I am at the point where I need help urgently to make it go away and it is becoming a daily struggle. I feel like I am in a constant dream state and do not find pleasure in things I know that I should i.e. holidays. I have experienced trauma such as the death of a parent and domestic abuse from a young age of 14 for 3 years of mental and physical abuse which I believe may have connection to why I am like this. I almost feel that I am observing someone else's body and don't feel attached to my own. I have read the symptoms and I do believe that I have the condition but I am too afraid to make this public and notify a doctor. I genuinely feel that sometimes that I have gone 'insane' and when I consciously think about that fact that I have the disorder I get emotional and my anxiety flares up. I'm really just looking for some reassurance that I can be cured and that there is help available, but I need your help to start that process. Thanks in advance x
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