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Depersonalization Relapse

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Depersonalization Relapse

Postby esmccue » Tue May 22, 2018 10:07 pm

Hi everyone,
I've made posts about DP and how I've gone into relapse before, but for some reason this time feels more intense and a lot longer than my relapses before. I've been waking up every morning terrified of myself and thinking about who I am, where my thoughts come from, and if my memories are even mine. I just feel totally disconnected from myself and just feel like this blob moving throughout my life waiting for this to end. Next week I'm moving away from home and I'm hoping that I can feel at least a little bit more secure with myself before then, so I'm open to any words of wisdom and tips in order to ease the feeling a little bit. I know that I've gone through this before and I got through it just fine, but for some reason the things that used to ease the dissociation like music, nature, and family just aren't connecting with me the same way that they used to. I'm getting so scared and lonely, so genuinely anything will help. Thanks guys. :)
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