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No Emotions / Blank Mind / No thoughts

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Re: No Emotions / Blank Mind / No thoughts

Postby sufferwell » Thu Feb 26, 2015 5:00 am

ShawTrav wrote:Sounds like dissociation to me. Perhaps caused by your depression, or anxiety, or can come from trauma. You mentally detach yourself for whatever reason from an painful experience and can't reconnect. I feel this way when I dissociate and sometimes it can last an entire day but usually not longer. I could only imagine a few months.

Depersonalization- is also what I feel from time to time. And it is almost like something is off with the world around you. Sometimes when I think about everything being off then evrything feels fake, like everyone is a robot, I am not real, and i'm in a "videogame" I think that is what Lucas was talking about.

One question. How do you have no thoughts? You thought about posting to this forum and typing your questions. So can you explain this to me? Not trying to be rude just really wondering what you mean by this.

Also don't know if I helped any, just what it sounds like to me. Oh and yes there is a cure, with therapy. Pills don't fix everything.

I think that my dissociation is mainly caused from me trying to numb positive feelings after my girlfriend broke up with me last year. It had impacted me a lot and I think that this is the cause of my dissociation/derealization. She was (and still is) one of the best people in my life and it had hurt me a lot. I've been going through this ever since around spring/early summer of 2014.

Sometimes I feel the same way as well. It's a weird feeling to me when I experience it. It's like going through your day normally but knowing that something, just something is off, but you don't know what it is. And like Lucas said, it does kind of feel like you're in a video game or as if you're in a coma and what you're all experiencing is just a dream.

I apologize for not wording the "no thoughts" part differently. It's... a really complicated feeling to describe. But the best way I can describe it is this way: picture a bear at a stream. Inside the stream, there is an abundance of fish swimming through the water. When the bear reaches his paw inside in an attempt to catch the fish, the fish notices the bear and swims as fast as it can to get away. When the bear tries to catch a different fish, he's able to get the fish and begins to eat it. Catching the fish and eating it is my metaphor (?) on getting a thought and mentally reading it in my head. The bear being unable to catch the quicker swimming fish is to represent me being unable to hold onto a thought. Right now, it's really the best way I can describe it as of now.

You did help, by the way. I'm just really reluctant about going to a therapist now.

BiB wrote:Its a defense from the too depressive and tragic toughts.

Hey. I don't know if you're talking to me, but I think so too.
DX: Moderate/severe depression, severe anxiety, dyscalculia, autistic disorder, DP/DR
Possible conditions: paranoid schizophrenia, BPD
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Re: No Emotions / Blank Mind / No thoughts

Postby truenightmare » Sun Jun 04, 2017 3:30 am

This started after trauma and phychotic break for me, anybody better here it been a year no relief now, everyday is terrible. I was on phyche drugs for a few years as well which probably damaged my brain, have the attention of a gold fish, music and gaming were my hobbies, now dont care for either or anything for the matter, can you recover from this? life has been completely destroyed no self just mind numbed blankness and severe memory loss. WTF is goin on i don't care if it ADHD, MDD, PTSD,PWD,Or damages from drugs or anything just how to regain myself and be me and be a soul again... ###$ each day is torture is this a sick joke or something? 19 and mentally ravaged and destroyed, no passions, no mind, no emotions ecept dread because of this.
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Re: No Emotions / Blank Mind / No thoughts

Postby rachy07 » Wed May 15, 2019 10:50 pm

Hi, I had my first psychotic episode ten years ago and I feel like I have never been the same again. I now live in a total state of blank mind and emptiness I don’t feel emotions and I cannot hold a conversation if it’s anything more than small talk. I see no point in existence and I just can’t find joy in anything that I do. I cannot live like this anymore and I have no connections with friends or family. Please someone help and point me in the right direction for advice. Does anyone else suffer from these symptoms?
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Re: No Emotions / Blank Mind / No thoughts

Postby AquaMarinee » Tue May 21, 2019 6:34 pm

It happened to me too. Horrible. One year I'm in this state. Nothingness. No emotions, no thoughts, Only empty head. I cannot connect to people anymore. And before i was so emotional, now i cant even cry. It happened after horrible thoughts of horror, and suddenly my mind just changed and this was even more horrible. i dont know what to do anymore. I just want to be me again. Pills dont help, talks dont help, couse nothing actually affect me. I can't even daydream, nor meditate. The worst thing is that music doesnnt help me and before music was all to me, it helped me so much, i was even a singer in two bands. Did you recover from this?? And how?
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