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Does this sound like dependent personality disorder?

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Does this sound like dependent personality disorder?

Postby lawrencepa » Wed Mar 13, 2019 2:10 pm

I have heard of this condition before. Only really considering this as a possibility now. I’m 29 and feel heavily dependent on my mother. I call her every 2-3 hours but not when she’s at work. I am usually talking about specific things like work. I always need advice or support. I can’t make decisions sometimes so things just stay on my mind for months with no answer. My mums not particularly helpful sometimes and will often criticise me for this. I do it about all sorts and will usually go round in circles with conversation topics usually centred around myself. I can do this online too and become pretty obsessed with my own mental health not feeling satisfied I’ve got an answer to my issues. I am just concerned I have this relationship with my mum. When other people are around I’m embarrassed by my self deparacating conversations that I have with her and online and I keep this mainly secretive from others. I can get really deep in conversation about things though with her and online where I talk about my personality weaknesses, work, relationships, money, future prospects. I feel like I talk at her a lot rather than having normal conversations. I’ve tried not phoning her but then find myself doing it anyway and immediately resorting to conversation about decision making. I am already diagnosed with bipolar and not sure if I am depressed but this whole dark side to me seems to be a major concern. I just can’t keep thoughts to myself and feel like I need a second brain but always find the advice useless and unhelpfuk
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