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Memory & fibromyalgia, ADD, bipolar 2 mixed/ cyclothymia

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Memory & fibromyalgia, ADD, bipolar 2 mixed/ cyclothymia

Postby Lifelonglearner » Sat Feb 27, 2016 4:11 pm

So I have symptoms of ADD, BP2 (mixed) or cyclothymia with depression & fibromyalgia. It is hard to get definite diagnoses So who knows what I do have. But I sewer a psychiatrist and therapist.

But I also have bad short term memory that has been getting worse. I used to be so on top of everything. I am a music teacher (unemployed at the moment) but between my last couple job, it got worse.

Sometimes it will be from a couple hours to the next, sometimes days, etc.
Sometimes, I'll be about to do something and forget the next minute. This isn't just with teaching. I've tried lists. Writing things on my hand is best, but ridiculous.

I'm VERY good with names like of students Being a special area teacher, I have hundreds! Other teachers are actually impressed by it. Yet I will lose important stuff all the time, forget appts. etc.

It doesn't make sense. But yet I can read a news article ard forget 2 days later when trying to explain and I look like an idiot or a story someone told me or I told.

I know it can be associated with any of those disorders but concerned it could be more.

My paternal grandmother had Alzheimer's, my father died at 52 with brain cancer so there is no way to know if he had genetic markers for it.
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