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friend with HIV related dementia

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friend with HIV related dementia

Postby theonlyredsmurf » Thu Sep 10, 2015 7:20 pm

one of my closest friends has been HIV positive for over a decade, he is now developing dementia as a by product of the disease. Yes just when you thought AIDS couldn't get scarier it can also in some cases rot your brain. to be clear he is still only HIV positive not full blown. he takes his combined medications and looks after himself. but he is slowly losing higher functions and motor skills.

I don't know how to help him, he is/was an amazingly gifted individual and now all that is slipping away. has anybody on here seen or dealt with this? would love to know.
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Re: friend with HIV related dementia

Postby Mrs Hebbrune » Tue Feb 28, 2017 1:55 am

I'm sorry to hear about your friend.I'd be there for him and what he needs. These days, although there is no cure for HIV, many people who have HIV are living longer, healthier. Be supportive. Encourage your friend to take care of himself, follow his specialist's instructions, and to see a counselor or attend a support group if he needs to.
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