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Postby cyoung322 » Mon Sep 30, 2013 9:44 pm

My mother is almost 70, had breast cancer 4 years ago with full chemo, full recovery. She has been different since and I'm not sure whats wrong. She says inappropriate things, loses things, can't figure out things occasionally (like how to find the phone number for a restaurant), gets lost sometimes, called my aunt my grandmother...but the most recent thing was that she told us that a family friend of ours had pancreatic cancer. My mother said she saw the friend post it on facebook. This never happened and the friend is totally fine, never had cancer. When confronted with it, my mother said maybe she just dreamed it. The thing is, this mysterious non-existent "post" occurred at 2 in the afternoon (we know from her first email about it). She won't let me get involved in her medical care. What could be wrong with her? My father is in denial.
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Re: delusions?

Postby loise » Fri Oct 04, 2013 5:52 am

hi! my mother has dementia, my grandma had it too.
it began with small things....we all looked for excuses: she is too tired, this and that. But time is the best answer...eventually you can not deny it any further and you become more willing to see what comes next. check on sugar levels, check vitamins and minerals, for example i read that if you take omega 6 the chance for alzheimer is reduced by 40%. there are ways to accompany this process. When they are aware that they are losing their mind, is the more difficult time. Later on, not anymore, their life of worries disappear and they are happy IF they feel loved and accepted.

talk with your father and the family, not with her about this things, and learn, read about it. Some of the fear will go away. I used to think, since we had no choice, that this was better than a sickness where she would have pain. i get along better with my mother, she thinks that we are friends of the same age and that is fine with me if she is OK.

good luck and do not dispair!
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