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New here and have questions

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New here and have questions

Postby worriedsick123 » Mon Jun 10, 2013 1:55 pm

I have a question about my MIL. in recent years she has become increasingly forgetful misplacing things and asking the same questions over and over. It started in about 2007 where i noticed it getting worse. In 2008 she lost it and was thinking people were aliens and out to get her and all sorts of weird stuff she was hospitalized because we didnt know what was wrong with her. They said she had a vitamin b 12 deficiency and was told to take b 12 supplements which she did whenever she remembered not regularly like she was supposed to. I had her tested again for a b12 deficiency in 2012 which they said she was a little low my husband and i then made sure she took the b12 every day but memory didnt improve like it had previously. In November of 2012 she was diagnosed with cancer. she underwent 6 weeks of radiation and 2 weeks of chemo therapy all the while she had no clue what was going on with her health she kept asking the same questions over and over. she was hospitalized after her treatments were over because she would not eat or drink anything. She was losing weight and dehydrated critically low on potassium Magnesium and other vitamins the body needs. she was in the hospital for 2 weeks at which time she developed delirium which was really bad. she didnt know where she was most of the time. They had her see a Psychiatrist who told us she most likely has dementia and for us to have her checked out. I forgot to mention that right before she started her cancer treatments her home burnt down she had left a pan on the stove and forgot about it. she was in the hospital for 2 weeks at which time they got all of her levels where they should be and sent her home she is staying with us.When she got home she didnt know where she was kept asking the same questions and talking about things that didnt even make sense. they gave her rispidol in the hospital and a prescription for home until we could get her in to see a memory dr. also while she was i the hospital they checked her b12 levels which were fine. when she was home she woudnt take her meds wouldnt eat or drink and was using the floor as a bathroom and pooping all over in her bed in her pants and she didnt even know it. She got bad again and we took her back to the hospital they got all her levels up again put in a feeding tube for nutrition and sent her home. Now that she is home again she has good days and bad days we feed her through the tube daily and give her fluids she eats a little bit better than she used to and takes her meds but is still confused a lot of the time. She forgets recently learned things all the time and repeats herself she gets lost in the house sometimes trying to find her way back to her bedroom. other days she is perfectly fine and seems like herself again. She has also again started playing games on pogp on her computer like she used to. she isnt as fast at them as she used to be but she can still do the word games which surprises me. Can someone with dementia play these sorts of games and do well with them. Does this sound like dementia to anyone or do you think it is something else? I am bit confused please help sorry this is so lo
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Re: New here and have questions

Postby loise » Sat Jun 22, 2013 9:05 am

Hi, i am no expert in the field, but at some point i began to see a psychiatrist,because of that loss of memory and repeating myself. I have to say that i had an early menopause with lots of terrible symptoms. It was like if i had aged from one day to the other. One day i woke up and i was 80 years old.
anyway....with a blood test, my psych said that my b6 b12 and iron were low, and all had an effect in my mental capacities. also because of the menopause i had severe estrogenism,...and reading the symptoms i could relate very wel to it.

i am not saying that this is her only problem, but vitamins, and time,helped. i am not totally recovered, but some things came back. i am not sure if with dementia, you can have bright and fog days...i would doubt it.
in my family there is dementia, my mother, my grandma,
so i am trying to get ahead of the way....but there are things that i can not do anymore...like math...
so maybe it is a process.

maybe in haar bright days you should talk with her...does she sleep good?
i had times that i slept so little that the next day i had all kind of weird symptoms..
i hoop this helps!!
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Re: New here and have questions

Postby Looking_to_help » Sat Aug 31, 2013 1:14 am

Hello there,

Dementia is an umbrella diagnosis for many sub types, even including Altzheimer's disease. The best way to accurately diagnosis it, is by having a complete Psychiatric & Neurological evaluation, which would also most likely include an MRI or CT scan of the brain. With proper diagnosis, then the right course of treatment can be provided. Also it should be noted that some one with Dementia often can play games, in fact, games are often a great way to practice remembering things, building motor/coordination skills and improving cognition. I would encourage her to play as many games as she can, as long as she is able to, as this can only help. It also depends on the person, as dementia can vary, from person to person, but someone with Dementia can have their ups & downs/highs & lows, this is quite normal. Dementia is never an easy thing to deal with, with a loved one. and can often be as stressful to the caregiver, as it is to the person suffering from it.
Anyway, good luck and let me know if you need anymore advise.
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