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Re: therapeutic writing

Postby Sunnyg » Thu Apr 30, 2020 12:17 am

I recently started making progress in therapy. I had an interaction that hit a chord with me. A man repeatedly touched his receding hairline and I noticed him. Like really saw him as a person and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. So of course I made an appointment with my therapist, because invasive thoughts are really triggering and upsetting to me. It reminds me of the horrible trappings of this obsession with that physician who violated my soul...

She said to acknowledge the feelings and feel them. To enjoy being vivacious within my good boundaries that I have, and that she doesn’t believe I will have an issue. I’d explained that this is a good man. She helped me remember that he and I can maintain boundaries and have healthy interactions.

She also listened as I talked about the idea of having more kids and how I’ve always wanted to have more kids. My daughter recently brought up the idea of my being a foster mom, my teenager told me I’m a great mom and we have such a big house and nice life... I’m considering it... but I get so emotional when I think about it. I start to tear up. At my church group they showed a video to all us moms about foster kids and me and half the other moms were sobbing by the end of the video. Mascara running down our cheeks... that was in the fall. I’ve been thinking about it for a while, but when my daughter got sick in the fall and had surgery, everything like that went out the window. Now that she’s better... we’re dreaming and hoping. I just don’t want unrealistic expectations.
"I trust that if I start to fall off the ladder of life again, others will pick me back up and put me back on."
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