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How to help someone with erotomania delusion

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How to help someone with erotomania delusion

Postby Alfred118 » Sun May 22, 2022 6:52 pm

I have lived with this person for five years.
I am aware that complications from her diabetic condition have induced early symptoms of dementia.
Her Doctor's contact information is unavailable.
Over the last year, an internet scammer convinced her that they were a celebrity. This is after already stealing thousands of dollars from her.
She is now thoroughly convinced that this celebrity is coming to pick her up, fly her to New York and install her in a home he bought for her.
To be sure, I checked, and this celebrity is not doing any of this.
Each new lie is a further attempt to get more credit card info or scam more money from her.
I have, three times now, removed this person from her phone contacts and erased the apps they are using to facilitate their scam.
She must have a phone. At the very least, she must be able to reach me or emergency assistance in the event of an emergency.
Each time after I have erased this scammer from her phone, she finds her way back into this mess.
Her last bad decision cost me thousands of my own funds and nearly caused me homelessness, but that situation is still up in the air. I must work 60+ hours per week to make ends close to meeting and keep a roof over our heads.
This situation is *not* going to get better by itself.
I need professional assistance or this thing is going to destroy the lives of two people.

Please help.
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