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Suspect delusional disorder

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Suspect delusional disorder

Postby Randomuser1234 » Thu Nov 18, 2021 8:57 am

I suspect my mother has delusional disorder. It started 5 to 6 years back,a man moved into our neighborhood and she was absolutely convinced that he was in love with her even though they never even spoke to each other. When the man moved away she cried like someone died. Now she believes that the man concerned lives in a particular house nearby even though people repeatedly confirmed to her it's not true. She constantly feels that certain people are planning against her. If she does so and so they'll get back at her. She makes up stories about people,like someone did so and so but when I ask her for proof she gets angry. She's very religious too which doesn't help. Idk how long I can hold on its getting difficult for me. There's no way I can get her to take help it's impossible. Also we haven't got any money. An outsiders insight on this would be extremely helpful. Iam sorry for my poor english it's not my native language
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Re: Suspect delusional disorder

Postby Aggie78 » Mon Nov 22, 2021 12:52 am

You have my sympathies. This is a difficult situation. From years of experience with this, I can only recommend gently reminding your mother of the facts that refute her imaginations. Yes, she will get angry when you do that, but it is important for caring family members to remind her of the facts. There may come a time when you can tell her that her brain is playing tricks on her and that seeking help could make her feel better. Best wishes.
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