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Here we go again; DD husband

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Re: Here we go again; DD husband

Postby Aggie78 » Thu Apr 22, 2021 9:40 am

We had a positive development. The day after we irrigated, he admitted that he never should have said it was a bad time for the cow buyers to come when they did. He apologized for saying it. WOW. He did this with zero prompting from me. In the past, I usually demanded he apologize for bad behavior before we “normalize relations”. I gave up asking for apologies because he never seemed to mean it anyway.
Looking back, we also had another positive thing happen on irrigation day. HE DIDN’T BRING UP ALBERT.
Why? Did he not want the “you need help” message? Has he realized it’s a delusion of his and not real?

I think one beneficial thing I did was to go watch the movie with him that night in bed, and just forget all the conflict of the day. No demand for apologies, no recap of the awful crap he said. I just let it go.
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Re: Here we go again; DD husband

Postby Snaga » Thu Apr 22, 2021 7:59 pm

Considering I'm not sure he can control what he says, the dog is probably going to fall on your shoulders to take what he says and let it slide off you- not that it's easy.

I wonder how much/often it occurs to him, that something isn't quite right with the things he thinks and says.

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