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I see a Spider Help!

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I see a Spider Help!

Postby Rauschi87 » Sat Jun 20, 2020 4:08 pm

Hey there,

iam not sure if this is the right forum but iam currently in a bad place mentaly... And i dont know where to ask this question...
Nobody believes me at all. Everytime i wake up there is a spider right next to me on the wall. The first couple of times i was in shock, it looks real but later i figured that its moving weird and its actually not real. It very randomly appears in the middle of the day aswell. When i look at the spider it crawls away, when i dont look she just stares with here 4 eyes at me. IT FREAKS ME OUT. I want it to stop. Help what is this :(((((

I never have taken drugs other then antidepressants and weed.
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