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Delusions symptomatic of underlying major mental illness?

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Delusions symptomatic of underlying major mental illness?

Postby beartooth99 » Sun Dec 01, 2019 10:15 pm

Friend thinks people are constantly following/Gangstalking her, wearing certain colors to harass her, thinks she may be microchipped, thinks her mind can be read 24/7 by certain individuals, no touch torture believer, thinks people constantly breaking into her apartment while she isn't there and rearranging or removing items. Only clear hallucinations I can think of she had was being hypnotized by her TV years ago and once hearing a voice telling her "they" could hear her even with her phone shut off. Besides that though, no known hallucinations or voices. Just constant problems in public, thinking that most of it is direct harassment against her, and gangstalkers are paid actors or something. Help please. I am trying my best to help this person seek professional help. Thank you!
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