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Twillight-zone like life episode.

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Twillight-zone like life episode.

Postby helloworld2 » Tue Oct 01, 2019 12:09 am

Let me describe a twilight-zone like life episode that a person (myself) experienced. I would like to know what type of clinical diagnosis such an experience may correspond and how a psychological disorder may lead to such an experience ?

An afternoon a person wants to make a trip of two subway stations, it enters the metro train at station S, during the trip the person notices that the time to travel the two stations is quite long and that it did not notice that the other times it took this trip. It also notices that this day the lightning is weak and unstable and that are quite few peoples in the carriage. However after the two stations trip the station name is again S. The person doesn't immediately realize the inconsistency, instead it instantly thinks it took the wrong direction, so it goes out, quits the platform and follows the panels to the "good" direction, and after a short trip inside the station it is back to the same platform. It finally realizes that it is still at the same station S waiting for the train.
Obviously, this life episode should not be possible, but this is what the person experienced from its point of view. So the person concludes that it lives in a simulation and there was a glitch, or that it experienced a delusion. The person never noticed any other inconsistencies in its life, and has no way to know what really happened. The only thing that is sure is that this episode lasted at most a few minutes, it didn't monitor the time precisely as there was no foreseeable reason to do that.
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Re: Twillight-zone like life episode.

Postby Sarandipity » Mon Oct 21, 2019 1:09 pm

I have a dissociative disorder and delusional parts (the twins).

I have had quite a few experiences like this, always after a trauma, not random, but pretty much as you describe in various situations.

This is our theory. We are not professors and do not know what this disorder would be labelled as so we call it delusions:

The subconscious brain overlaps the conscious brain. Like a miswire, crossed connection either by chance, an outside occurance or drugs.

The subconscious brain then influences and tricks the conscious brain. The lights look dimmer, is the journey time longer than usual? Uncertainty and confusion leaking into the conscious mind... next the person sees train station S twice although in reality they only saw it once. The conscious mind becomes confused and believes what the subconscious made it see. It then gets off the train feeding the delusion. And an overall weird twilight zone effect is experienced.

If it's only happened once then that is probably due to tiredness. More than once and perhaps there is an underlying issue. That is my opinion but obviously a professional is needed to decide that properly.
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