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Question for DDJ partners? Safe to holiday?

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Question for DDJ partners? Safe to holiday?

Postby SshhBear » Tue Sep 10, 2019 11:45 pm

Hi everyone. My DDJ husband and I separated 2 months ago but we are still very much in contact several times a day. He is still in denial though does take his recommended dose of Risperidon every day. We don't really discuss my imaginary 'affair' as he has pretty much closed the dialog on that conversation which is hard for me, because to me it means we can never, ever reconcile. This is probably a good thing I guess but I'm still looking for closure. I know that he will probably never give me the closure (remorse, apology, recognition that his behaviour was really horrible etc) that I need but we have planned a family getaway at the end of next week. We had always talked about taking the kids to a particular destination and this is the trip we are doing. 5 nights away in a remote(ish) but high tourism location.
My question is: given that my husband has never been violent - not even a little bit - and he is taking his meds, should I be worried about my safety at all? I know this is difficult to answer. I wouldn't have booked it if I had any concerns but I'm just wondering if anyone has ever had a problem with a placid DDJ sufferer suddenly turning violent?
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