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My friend is always blaming me when something goes wrong

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My friend is always blaming me when something goes wrong

Postby Soconfussed » Sun May 19, 2019 5:05 am

Firstly if this is in the wrong section please remove it too the correct one.
Ok so where do I begin? A good friend of mine, who I speak to on a daily basis is always and I mean always blaming me when something goes wrong. He’s consistently points the finger at me when something happens to him. So far he’s blamed me for his cable account being hacked a few times and has on a few occasions blamed me for his credit cards being hacked. Oh when he buys something online and an hour later he’ll text me and blame me for his account or credit cards were being hacked. I’ve tried telling him I had nothing to do with any of it. It’s coming to the point where I’m about to call off this 15 yr friendship it’s almost as if he wants me to admit to something I didn’t do. Am about to just say yup I did those things so he could hear what he wants. But why should I take the blame for something I didn’t do? I’m at me wits end here. What do I do? Do I just end this long friendship or just admit to things I didn’t do? Please help.
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