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Need advice and support on how to help my mum

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Need advice and support on how to help my mum

Postby ana1423 » Tue Apr 30, 2019 11:14 pm

So recently my mum has started to have delusions where she believes people are creeping around the house, stalking her, sending her vile texts and voicemails. When my dad or I ask to see the text messages she shuts off and refuses to acknowledge that it is not real. I believe recently she has started to abuse the drug ice, she has battled with addictions before I was born. I am now 17 and worried that this substance abuse has dug up a dormant mental health issue. She has always been a bit funny from her previous drug use but now it has escalated. My dad is worried and doesn’t know what to do especially when she says that he is trying to do her harm. He said she had two episodes in one night where she woke up screaming that people were trying to kill her. I don’t live at home but live in the nearby town to my parents and try to visit at least once a week after school and stay for the night. I am worried as she runs off and no one can get a hold of her until the next day. I don’t know what to do it’s just my dad and I and I can see that it’s exhausting him. He has tried asking her to seek help but she always refuses as she doesn’t acknowledge she has a problem. Please if I could have some advice would be great. I just want my mother to be alright it’s hard to watch someone go through this and feel helpless
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