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Day vs. night

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Day vs. night

Postby Justddrown » Fri Oct 05, 2018 5:25 pm

I haven’t been the best over the last couple of years. Dealt with very significant medication reductions and changes. I went manic, I did odd things on social media. in the daytime I usually feel ok during the day but at night I feel like s($t. So I come on sites like this desperate for something that isn’t there. It’s not that things are all so bad or anything. I’m trying right now to keep the good things for myself. But at night I’m miserable and feel alone and attitude sadness very strong emotion tied to past memories ranging from childhood until today. It’s upsetting to have those thoughts and not know if I lshould be proud of myself or deeply ashamed. I want to be proud of myself I’m just not sure if I can give into things that make me happy or feel like myself somehow because I might be manic and won’t realize I was manic unti later. I have an inadequacy complex that’s doing more harm than good. Long story Short, this has got to end. I don’t want to be dealing with these issues throughout my child’s life. I feel it would be irresponsible to a degree and very immature to set a good example and do for my family. The more things change the less I want it to stay the same.
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