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media trigger?

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media trigger?

Postby Justddrown » Fri Aug 10, 2018 7:09 am

Sometimes I’ll say something and later be met with the exact same bizzare statement on television or satellite radio or whatever. I’ll look up production dates to see who predated under the suspicion that maybe I’d been ripped off or something. It’s odd and I’m trying, really trying to understand this sort of thinking or intentions if true. They say with delusions the delusional can’t be swayed but I’m on the fence due to the grandiose nature of something like this. I tell myself this doesn’t happen to people but I was legitimately triggered earlier over a commercial. Not any real emotion but it’s stuck in my mind it’s grandoise which doesn’t seem like a good way to think when you’re possibly delusional and already live with mental illness. So I said that’s crazy that’s not how the world works then I ask myself, what if it is? There’s powers above powers that could make that all work. But what if it is? Well then I guess it is. It doesn’t really feel like anything. It could all be true, I wouldn’t feel any different about myself. I would probably feel the need to use the influence for good since I appear to be stuck with it. Or do good and it end up being false. Idk, do good.
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