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I'm new, trying to figure out my next move

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I'm new, trying to figure out my next move

Postby pkimlv » Tue Feb 27, 2018 5:04 am

Been seeing a man 1-1/2 year. Suddenly two weeks ago he shared something with me and it's bothersome. The basic gist is the clouds in the sky are not really clouds, they are fallen angels making shapes, such as symbols found in Egypt, as well as pagan symbols. He believes the clouds are empty, like a portal, and the angels are related to Satan. He says his eyes get blurry suddenly, he snaps a picture of the clouds, then when looking at the picture he sees all the symbols. He states the trails left by airplanes in the sky are the creation of these fallen angels. He said it all makes sense to him now, he is part of the chosen people, and when the angels come to fight us, he is ready. I'm trying to look back on this 1-1/2 year to correlate other things, but this is just so sudden. He got really angry with me one time because I said his name to the neighbors, instead of using the term my boyfriend. He said he didn't want to have to fight anyone, as these are kind of crummy neighbors, but it made no sense to me and he was really mad an aggressive. He also has strange thoughts on events, everything is a planned conspiracy. He even believes he was meant to meet me because of my blood type, and that my parents moved states when I was a child so the government would want me somehow. I looked at his cloud pictures, I see clouds, no shapes. What now, I feel lost and I'm wondering about my safety with him. Just trying to figure out if u should just end this. He is not the type to listen to me, he spoke about these clouds for almost 3 hours without a breath.
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